The Resiliency Foundation (RF) is a non-profit agency dedicated to fostering promise in young people. Our approach to education is simple – we educate the whole child, raising the bar of expectation and setting each student on the path to success. RF’s work represents over a decade of experience with students who thrive in the shadow of risk – we achieve our goal of graduating academic entrepreneurs, community stewards, and compassionate social activists through four key principles of the Resiliency Model:

Student-First Culture:

Our models place the student first, set high expectations, include supportive and well-trained staff, opportunities for family participation, and provide the nurturance and opportunities for each child to achieve their dreams.

Innovative Curricula Design:

Our models stand at the cutting edge of curricular innovation by adapting courses and schedules to meet the needs of students, employing authentic assessments both formative and summative, all while retaining the highest of academic standards including the new Common Core Curriculum and college coursework.

Community of Us:

At the heart of our models is the ethos that our students will learn to be “Giver-Backers”, engaging in community service on a routine basis to understand they are part of a bigger picture, a member of a community, and as such, they will learn to respect themselves and those around them; they will learn to ask for help, they will learn to self-advocate, and above all, they will see the value in giving back.

Focus on Discovery:

Everything we do, from the moment a student enrolls at a Resiliency School, is to help students set rigorous goals for school and beyond. We also broaden their worldview through a two-part process, first exposing them to new places and new ideas and second, we provide the resources and support to ensure each student thrives in their newly expanded context.
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